Annual reports filed by certain Canadian issuers pursuant to Section 15(d) and Rule 15d-4

Summary of Significant Accounting Policies (Tables)

Summary of Significant Accounting Policies (Tables)
12 Months Ended
Dec. 31, 2018
Statement [LineItems]  
Estimated Useful Life of Assets

The Company records amortization using the straight-line method over the estimated useful lives of the capital assets as follow:


a) Computer Equipment    3 years
b) Furniture and Fixtures    3 – 5 years
c) Leasehold Improvements    Term of the lease
Summary of Original Classification of Company's Financial Assets and Financial Liabilities

The following table shows the original classification under IAS 39 and the new classification under IFRS 9 for each of the Company’s financial assets and financial liabilities at January 1, 2018, (there is no change to the carrying amounts of the financial instruments from this change).


Financial Instrument


IAS 39 Classification



Financial Asset      
Cash and cash equivalents    Loans and receivables    Amortized cost
Amounts receivable    Loans and receivables    Amortized cost
Financial Liabilities      
Accounts payable and accrued liabilities    Other financial liabilities    Amortized Cost